SBUSSerial Library for R.C. Pixel/Arduino

On The Crash Cast there was some info about an Arduino based RGB Led strip controller called the R.C. Pixel by Hardik Patel (available here).

I thought it would be fun if you could not just have one channel for selecting a pattern but if you had access to all the channels to incorporate that in the mix.
That’s why I wrote the SBUSSerial library. It’s a software serial library specific for the SBUS protocol.

The following video is a short demo where I use one channel to determine the number of leds that light and 3 other channels to determine the amount of red,green and blue.
It also demonstrates the FailSafe feature.

This library is only tested on an Arduino nano 16MHz and an R.C. Pixel.
It produces an array with all 16 channels with values from 0..2023 and a fail safe flag.
Input can only be pin 2 or 3 as it has to be an external interrupt capable pin.

V1.0 2016-02-02 First public version SBUSSerial V1.0